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Lower Clearance Conveyor

The XR1000‘s low profile safety guiderails and 14″ opening accommodate today’s wider, low profile tires and all-wheel drive vehicles.

Envirosoft Foam

Safe, Fast, Clean & Quiet
High-quality microcellular closed-cell Envirosoft foam is Wedge-shaped lightweight foam reduces impact noise and allows high rotational speeds (110rpm) for a superior clean. The closed-cell foam sheds dirt and repels water and chemicals to maintain a lightweight brush.
Tapered foam fingers reach into crevices, and high-speed capability results in a sparkling clean.

Wash Equipment

Gentle side pressures (5-10psi) for safe, yet effective cleaning of your vehicle. Our wraparounds overreach the front of your vehicle for critical front coverage and washes from rear taillight to rear taillight with each wrap-around, eliminating rear striping Double pass on the backs of vehicles further improves cleaning on this hard to clean area. The secondary arm relieves pressure on mirrors and antennas, and unfolds to follow the vehicle down the conveyor for more effective rear cleaning.


Premium, long-lasting, clear coat sealant with ultraviolet sunscreen and water-resistant protection against the elements. Iridescent brighteners enhance the vehicle surface.

The Ultimate in High Pressure Power

Liberty Express Wash has not one like in most other washes but 3 high pressure spray arches. All located to provide maximum efficiency and maximum benefits!
High-pressure contouring turbo nozzles blast spray exactly where needed for powerful cleaning and rinsing. The high-pressure Magnum Wheel & Side Blasters add powerful cleaning performance to tackle hard-to-reach areas like wheel wells and running boards for the best cleaning and rinsing power in the industry.

Car Wash Chemical

C-Force Ceramic
C-Force™ offers an advanced seal and protection by use of a deeply penetrating foam. This advanced chemistry has been formulated to create a surface-shield that is soft to the touch, hydrophobic, intensely reflective, and durable to withstand nature’s elements. The infused surfactants can also be removed with a standard wash process to eliminate any build-up due to repeated applications with unlimited club members.


ProShield® is an ultra-concentrated super sealant formulated with Apexamer® Technology. It provides an “apex level of protection” as a result of combining polymers that create a cross-linking effect or “web-like application” of protection. ProShield® is a natural, pure surfactant that has no artificial fragrances or colors to ensure its flawless and synergistic properties.